Key competences are a dynamic combination of the knowledge, skills and attitudes a learner needs to develop throughout life, starting from early age onwards and alternative learning methodologies such as inquiry-based, project-based, blended and games-based learning can increase learning motivation and engagement especially among those with a previous negative education experience. Digital technology enriches education and offers new learning opportunities by enabling access to additional learning environments and resources that can be used to attract and integrate reluctant learners. The primary objective of the project is to design and develop a bespoke challenge-based educational intervention aimed at re-engaging NEETs and supporting them to build skills and competences to assist their reintegration to education or employment. The proposed resources will be developed as webquests which will be designed and produced for access on smartphones. These resources will use inquiry-based and project-based learning embedding the acquisition of key competences into the individual webquests. To ensure that this approach is sustainable partners will also develop a bespoke in-service training programme to support adult educators to harness the full potential of this compendium of new mobile learning resources.

Game of Phones aims to design and develop challenge-based webquests for young people and adults to build skills and competences to assist their reintegration into education and/or employment.